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Reconnect, Integrate, Refresh

Clients Are Invited To Savor Every Moment Of Their Experience

Brian Weston, LMT has one singular mission--to give each client the ultimate transformative massage experience.  Creating a sacred space with each client in his or her own home, Brian performs massage customized to the client's preferences with the hands of a "Zen Master." He learned the art and science of massage at the prestigious Swedish Institute of Massage in New York, NY, and for the past 10 years, Brian honed his skills at the world-renowned Castle Hotel And Spa in Tarrytown, NY.


Brian has since opened his own massage therapy practice, shifting to an in-home based practice where he sees clients individually in the comfort and safety of their own home.  With clients (some of whom are celebrities) throughout Westchester County, NY. With nimble and experienced hands, Brian treats each client, adhering to the highest level of professionalism and attention to every detail.  This allows his clients to  more deeply sink into complete relaxation and focus on the present moment and savoring that time for themselves.  In this way, Brian is devoted to calming the mind, body and spirit.

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Our Transformative Treatments

  • Energize body and mind, improve overall health, boost immunity

    175 US dollars
  • Target and treat specific pain points throughout the body.

    150 US dollars
  • The use of long soothing massage strokes to improve circulation

    175 US dollars
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